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Speeding in Arizona may cost you a fortune

Some states are tougher on speeding and reckless drivers than others, and Arizona laws do not take speeding lightly. According to Wallethub, Arizona is one of the worst states to receive a speeding ticket due to hefty fines and strict penalties.

Arizona was ranked third, behind Delaware and Colorado, for most stringent policies against speeding and reckless driving. Arizona drivers may receive a speeding ticket if they drive one to 19 mph over the posted speed limit. If a driver exceeds 20 mph over the speed limit or more than 85 mph, they can be charged with excessive or criminal speeding. 

When aggressive driving leads to road rage

Under Arizona law, aggressive driving results in more than just a traffic ticket. It is a criminal offense with serious penalties. Too often, however, aggressive driving leads to road rage, and events can quickly spiral out of control.

The elements of a road rage incident often occur quickly, and the sequence of events may be in question. If you face charges of aggressive driving or road rage, you may also end up with additional charges against you. Understanding what you are up against and the potential consequences associated with an aggressive driving charge may help you avoid situations where your future is at stake.

Can truckers in Arizona use the left lane?

As a commercial truck driver, you have likely traveled far and wide as you carry out your normal duties in the workplace. Whether you work for an employer or own the tractor-trailers you drive, you'd probably agree that your work can be exciting, rewarding, challenging, stressful and dangerous, sometimes all in one day! As a conscientious driver, you're no doubt aware that state traffic regulations regarding tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles are often more stringent than they are for other types of motor vehicles.

If you happen to work in different states on different days, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the driving laws in the particular state you're working in at the time. Not doing so can lead to legal problems, especially if a police officer pulls you over and cites you for violating a regulation you didn't know existed. For instance, do you know Arizona has specific regulations regarding tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks using the left lane of traffic?

Your 'keep on trucking' days may end if you're convicted of DUI

Perhaps your love of trucks began in your youth. Maybe you spent hours on the floor and in the dirt, pushing toy rigs around and creating all sorts of stories and adventures, hoping one day, at least some of them might become real. When you finally got your commercial driver's license as an adult, you may have celebrated the milestone while recalling all those wonderful childhood memories. Making your living driving a big rig can be an exciting, rewarding experience.

It can also be highly stressful, especially when you're navigating highways heavily laden with traffic, at top speeds, when you haven't had sleep for many hours. Any number of situations can put your safety behind the wheel at risk. There are also issues that can lead to legal trouble, perhaps even cost you your license.

Do not underestimate the serious nature of traffic violations

Unlike criminal charges, traffic violations may not ultimately result in jail time and other serious penalties, but they may still have a significant impact on your life. When facing certain traffic violations, you would be wise not to underestimate the potential impact that they may have, but take the steps necessary to fully protect your interests.

In Arizona, traffic violations can come with financial penalties and perhaps even present a threat to a person's right to drive. No matter which type of violation you are currently facing, you would be wise to know how you should deal with your situation and shield yourself from penalties and consequences.

Traveling Safety Corridors may endanger your driving record

The people of Arizona are friendly and welcoming, and the atmosphere is generally casual and relaxed. However, one thing the state takes seriously is the speed limit. You probably figured that out pretty quickly, even if you aren't native to the area.

Over the past few months, you may have heard that the Arizona Department of Transportation has partnered with the Department of Public Safety and the Governor's Office of Highway Safety to implement Safety Corridors throughout the state. These zero-tolerance zones are designated to be heavily patrolled by law enforcement who will stop and ticket you for the least infraction of traffic safety rules.

Snowbirds and vehicle registration laws in Arizona

Many retirees come to Arizona during the winter to escape the cold temperatures back home, and while some snowbirds spend six or seven months in the state, many fail to properly register their vehicles. State laws require that any individual living in the state for seven months or longer in one calendar year properly register his or her vehicle.

Reckless driving: A traffic ticket that is a criminal offense

Some traffic tickets need to be treated more seriously than others. One example is reckless driving, which is a misdemeanor in Arizona.

A misdemeanor is a criminal offense that could result in jail time, driver's license suspension, and a permanent criminal record. A misdemeanor conviction could affect much more than your insurance rates. It could affect your employment. Your employer's insurance company may not cover you in company vehicles if you have a conviction for reckless driving.

What happens if I don't pay a traffic ticket?

No one likes to pay a traffic ticket. Some go so far as to ignore the ticket, hoping it will fall through the cracks of the court system. People who live in other states may think that the local government will not pursue them if they are not a resident.

Unfortunately, not paying a traffic ticket can lead to several unpleasant surprises.

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