Fighting An Arizona Traffic Ticket

Many people who are cited for traffic violations pay the ticket and hope it will go away. Unfortunately, paying a traffic ticket will not make it go away.

When you pay a ticket, you plead responsible or guilty to the violation. As a result, that violation will go on your record. A ticket for speeding or reckless driving can have serious consequences down the road. You could face higher insurance rates, driver's license suspension — even a permanent criminal record.

At The Law Office of Karl A. Mueller, PLC, we can help you fight your traffic ticket. We can protect your rights in court, argue the facts and determine whether or not the ticket was written up properly. We serve clients in Gilbert, Chandler, Apache Junction and throughout the East Valley in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Call 602-730-7857 for a free initial consultation.

Why You Need A Lawyer To Fight A Traffic Ticket

If you pay a ticket for a traffic violation, the financial consequences are not over. A finding of responsibility can mean additional traffic points and that can mean an increase in your insurance rates. If you accumulate enough points over a three years period, your driver's license can be suspended.

The consequences of a criminal traffic violation are significantly steeper. You face heavier fines and insurance point penalties, plus the possibility of jail time and possible employment repercussions. Unlike a civil traffic offense, a subpoenaed police officer almost always shows up to court. With a higher level of difficulty and greater potential consequences, an experienced defense lawyer can be even more important.

In addition to civil traffic violations such as speeding and red light camera enforcement violations, we handle all types of criminal traffic violations, including:

Every Arizona Court Is Different. Different Arizona courts handle traffic violations in different ways. Having devoted so much of his career to traffic violation litigation, attorney Karl A. Mueller understands how to tailor each defense depending on the charges and the court. Having thousands of traffic cases, he knows how to respond to officer's statements and prosecutor's allegations. If you have received a traffic ticket, our firm can help you.

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If you face a traffic offense of any kind, you have options. By protecting yourself in court now, you are also protecting your future. Contact our Arizona office now for a free initial consultation.

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