5 Stars

Posted by a client
February 3, 2016

First lawyer and definitely gonna call him again for any trouble. Hopefully not anymore of course. Really approachable. Very knowledgeable. Great guy to talk too and feel safe and secured.


Professional and Knowledgeable

5 Stars

Posted by Edward
January 21, 2016

I received a ticket driving 98 mph in a 65 mph zone. Since I am from California it was advantageous for me to get the ticket handled appropriately but carefully. My goal was to get traffic school since I did not want to worry about fees for the school and the lawyer. I hired Mr. Mueller because to be honest he seemed to be knowledgeable and he was the less expensive out of the other lawyers I spoke with. At first I was skeptical because he did not really get to know me or ask me a lot of detailed questions. That all didn't matter when it came time to have my court date. We met in person and then I realized how he worked. He was professional and he seemed to care even though he barely knew me. He listened to me and gave me sound advice before we spoke with the judge. Sure, it helped that I am in the Navy Reserve and the judge may have honored that, however Mr. Mueller represented me and knew how to handle a situation that I knew nothing about since this was the first time in my life that I have been to court when not being a part of a jury. I walked out with traffic school thanks to Mr. Mueller. I would recommend him and I would hire him again. Good luck.

Representation for Excessive Speed Citation

5 Stars

Posted by Rocky
September 17, 2015

Mr. Mueller provided me with prompt, courteous & sound legal representation regarding an Excessive Speed Citation that I had received earlier this year in Mesa, Arizona. Beginning with our initial contact, his demeanor & style alleviated my stress & apprehension concerning the charges I faced. He thoroughly explained the charges that I faced & clearly outlined all of my options. The outcome of the charges was the best possible scenario & far exceeded my expectations. Mr. Mueller did a great job for me & I would not hesitate to utilize his services again in the future.

One who knows the Laws and can do Battle

5 Stars

Posted by Greg
August 3, 2015

Karl has the most integrity of any lawyer that I have had an opportunity to work with he knows how the system works and looks for the most opportune time to work his knowledge. Thank you Karl for your help and god bless you.

Very favorable outcome

5 Stars

Posted by Sandra
June 18, 2015

Karl Mueller was a very big help with my court case. He is very knowledgeable with the laws. He is very pleasant and an easy person to talk to without being judgmental at all. I found him to be very laid back and not stuffy like some attorneys may be. He notified me of when the court date would be and what would happen at that appointment. He arrived early to court so that he could talk to the prosecutor ahead of time. The end result was very favorable and I would definitely refer to him to anyone that needs an attorney. It also helped that he has a rapport with the prosecuting attorney so while I was preparing for the worst, we got the best outcome available to me. If you are looking for a professional, knowledgeable attorney I would highly recommend this lawyer.

Great Experience!!

5 Stars

Posted by Nancy
May 29, 2015

I got Mr. Mueller to represent me on a speeding ticket. He got the ticket dismissed!! Am very happy with his representation and wouldn't hesitate to call him again!!

Extremely Knowledgeable in Motor Vehicle and Related Crime Law

5 Stars

Posted by SCOTT
May 22, 2015

Karl was extremely helpful to me with providing advice when I was being attacked by someone and had driven away. The police were simply going to file charges against me based on the "victim" being injured. His advice was proven to be immeasurable. All of my ducks were in a row and the case never came to fruition. He stayed on top of the matter and kept me informed. I learned that he practiced in California and Arizona and have often had questions for him. He is extremely responsive. If you get his answering service, he is quick to call back. Never a complaint. I highly recommend Karl for anyone who might be charged with any crime, most particularly those involving a motor vehicle such as DUI charges, as well. There are a lot of loopholes in DUI cases that are not known to the public. It's not "tricks," but more skill and expertise and knowing how to handle the most seasoned prosecutor. While knowing him I learned that he was a prosecutor both in CA and AZ which makes him also respected by the County Attorney when representing a client. This is extremely important. It is easier to convince a prosecutor to deviate from the norm when they know a former prosecutor really believes in the client. A+++++ 5 Stars!

One Good Arizona Attorney

5 Stars

Posted by Dr. Anna
May 12, 2015

Attorney Karl Mueller is top notch. Answers his own phone most of the time or promptly returned my calls. I couldn't find the court house and he waited an hour for me. He took care of everything, got me 'out of trouble' with ease and he never let me stress. He is confident, was well liked by the judge; he made the entire process almost fun. Highly recommended. Outstanding among his colleagues.

If all lawyers were like this court wouldn't be so scary

5 Stars

Posted by Kerin
February 9, 2015

I called a few lawyers and they were beyond pushy. They actually called me back and harassed me until I hung up on them. Mr. Mueller never pressured me and said if you want me fine, if you don't fine. I don't need work that bad. I actually contacted Mr. Mueller about three times before my court date. He won't tell you what to do...but at least in my case made it obvious what I should do. I thanked Mr. Mueller, paid, left and sang all the way home. What a relief it was over. Now he never promised me anything and I had to pay up front like the other lawyers. The others were more expensive and told me I would be scammed and repeatedly asked for more money which never happened. He used to be a prosecutor so that was one reason I picked him. He has a lot of experience. We initially picked him because my roommate's mothers name was Mueller. Luck of the draw. Do yourself a favor and make it easier on yourself and go with Mr. Mueller. Don't listen to the other people telling you it will be more and they will give you a payment plan. If they were do good they would not repeatedly call you back for your business. Mr. Mueller did not ask me to write this and has no idea I have. I just think how stressed out I was facing the loss of my license, possible jail time and a hefty fine. I hope this will help someone when they need a lawyer. Also I didn't have to be questioned by a prosecutor...everything was done before I entered.