Case Charge(s) Results
State v. S.YAttempted first-degree murderReduced, with probation
State v. T.K.Aggravated DUINot guilty at trial
State v. A.F.Misconduct involving weaponsCharges not filed
State v. K.M.Possession of marijuanaDismissed
State v. A.D.Aggravated assault with serious injuryProbation
State v. A.V.Aggravated DUI, second-offense DUI, extreme DUIReduced to first- offense DUI
State v. D.D.Leaving the scene (hit-and-run)Dismissed
State v. M.B.DUIDismissed
State v. E.R.Child abuseReduced, with probation
State v. S.P.AssaultDismissed
State v. C.S.Disorderly conductDismissed
State v. B.S.Fraudulent schemesReduced, with probation
State v. H.A.DV criminal damageDismissed
State v. J.Z.DV disorderly conductDismissed
State v. D.H.Felony approbation violationReinstated with no jail
State v. D.P.Possession of drug paraphernaliaNot guilty at trial
State v. D.D.Criminal speedReduced to civil violation
State v. R.C.Fraud schemesReduced, with probation
State v. K.M.Possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernaliaDismissed
State v. R.O.DUI, underage drinkingReduced to reckless driving
State v. T.K.Aggravated DUIReduced to DUI