Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs

Drunk driving is not the only type of DUI issued in Arizona. The police may use a DRE or drug recognition expert to determine whether or not you were under the influence of prescription or illegal drugs. At the East Valley and Phoenix Law Office of Karl A. Mueller, we can help you fight a DUI resulting from the research and testimony of a drug recognition expert.

You May Be Facing A Drug Recognition Expert (DRE)

In most serious accidents, the state will conduct a DRE exam. If they find any amount of illegal drugs or prescription drugs you are not entitled to have in your blood stream, you could face a DUI charge or much worse. The comprehensive exams are performed by a drug recognition expert and include blood tests, urine tests, blood pressure, eye exams, and more.

Challenging DRE Results

There are ways to challenge the DRE results that lead to your DUI if you are represented by someone who understands the DRE program. Traffic lawyer Karl A. Mueller, has had extensive training in DRE and has taught classes on the subject to police officers and prosecutors. Mr. Mueller understands how these cases work and how to challenge the findings of a drug recognition expert in court.

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If you face DUI- or drug-related criminal charges after a car accident and the possibility of a drug recognition expert working against you, you want an experienced DUI attorney protecting your rights. At the East Valley and Phoenix Law Office of Karl A. Mueller, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact our DUI defense attorney today for a free initial consultation regarding your DRE DUI. Call 602-730-7857.

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