How Arizona Classifies DUI Arrests

The blood alcohol level of a driver at the time of a DUI arrest can directly affect the charges and consequences that may ensue. Despite the many stereotypes that abound, such an arrest can happen to anyone. Many highly responsible and respected people in the community can find themselves accused of drunk driving. An arrest for driving while under the influence of alcohol can leaveContinue reading

Convicted DUI Offenders In AZ Required To Use Interlock Devices

Ignition interlock devices allow convicted DUI offenders to maintain certain driving privileges. However, there are some restrictions surrounding their use. Drivers who are charged and convicted of drunk driving in Arizona may face harsh penalties, including jail time, fines and use of an ignition interlock device. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Arizona is one of 25 states that require all convicted DUI offenders to useContinue reading

Drugged Driving Arrests Increase Dramatically In Arizona

Arizona police arrested several motorists for drugged driving during the latest DUI sobriety patrol conducted in the state. The recent Labor Day weekend was a very busy time for police officers across Arizona. Various law enforcement agencies were participating in a DUI crackdown, and over 580 people were arrested for the crime. This was an increase of 16 percent from last year’s Labor Day drunkContinue reading

Profit Is A Primary Purpose Of Red Light Cameras

In recent years, a variety of cities, including Phoenix, have installed red light cameras at intersections in hopes of better enforcing traffic laws and ensuring the safety of everyone on the road. Recently, however, an increasing number of jurisdictions have begun to second guess whether the increased reliance on photo enforcement was a wise decision. Indeed, it seems that concerns over safety and law enforcementContinue reading